John Reardon, P.E.

John is the CEO and Senior Principal Engineer of The Process Group, LLC. John is a Professional Engineer in Missouri and Kansas with over 23 years of experience in syngas generation (gasification), gas cleanup and conditioning; acid gas treating; absorption units and stripping columns; adsorption; solids drying; and custom equipment design including baghouses, pressurized lock hoppers, conveyors, fluidized bed reactors, and custom heat transfer systems. John is the author of two awarded US patents (8,580,019; 6,497,856), several publications, and one book chapter.

Alex Shaffer, P.E.

Alex is the President and Principal Engineer of The Process Group, LLC. Alex is a Professional Engineer in Missouri, Iowa, and Georgia with 12 years of experience in process engineering, process modeling, sanitary design, and resource management experience in the carbon capture, chemical, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, biogas, and industries. Alex is a highly experienced process modeler, especially adept on the Aspen platform, and has 6 years of experience modeling and designing carbon capture systems.

Jason White MBA, P.E.

Jason is the Vice President of Strategy and a Principal Engineer of The Process Group, LLC. Jason is a Professional Engineer in Texas with 18 years of experience in process engineering - specializing in process safety, including relief system design, flare system design, PSM and RMP program development and compliance auditing, LOPA, HAZOP, QRA, facility siting, SIS design and verification, depressurizing system design, and action item development and resolution. Jason is a voting member of ASME code committees for overpressure protection.

Jon Tuttle, P.E.

Jon is a Senior Engineer at The Process Group, LLC. Jon is a Professional Engineer in Missouri and has 12 years of experience in process engineering and design, including participating in field start-ups and commissioning as well as conducting laboratory testing, data collection, and analysis. Jon has 4 years of experience serving Clients directly as an Owner's engineer, primarily in the field of agrochemicals.

Patrick Born, P.E.

Patrick is the Director of Mechanical Engineering at The Process Group, LLC and a Professional Enginer in Missouri with 11 years experience in mechanical engineering and design and 3 years experience performing commissioning and start-up for solar thermal and biomass plants. Patrick has 5 years of experience as a Discipline Lead and Project Engineer, experienced performing Contractor pre-bids, walk-throughs, and evaluating bids in addition to developing P&IDs, Datasheets & Specifications, Piping Isos/Orthos, and performing Electrical Area Classification studies.

Michael Janes

Michael is a Senior Engineer at The Process Group, LLC with 11 years of experience providing process engineering deliverables for Clients in the oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries. Michael has ample experience with developing large process P&IDs, performing hydraulics and process modeling exercises, designing and evaluating relief valve systems, working directly with Clients to execute projects, overseeing installation and commissioning of new systems, and developing technical operating documents for new units.

Jerrod Marten

Jerrod is a Senior Engineer at The Process Group, LLC. Jerrod has (8+) years of experience working on projects in human and animal pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing including API and finished dosage forms. Jerrod’s experience includes sanitary process design and capital project execution for multiple unit operations including bulk material handling, batch and semi-batch reactors, mixing and compression, fluid bed granulation, spray drying, liquid filling lines, vacuum extrusion, and bulk API and finished product packaging. Jerrod also has experience with design and modification of various utilities systems including high purity waters (USP, DI), supplied breathing air, and clean compressed air.

Ryan Tschannen

Ryan is the Director of Process Engineering at The Process Group, LLC. with 8 years of industry experience focused on process design and process modeling in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Agro-Chemical, Specialty Chemical, and Oil & Gas industries. Ryan has executed projects involving reaction & distillation modeling, design of bulk material handling and processing systems, beverage & chemical blending systems, sanitary & clean-in-place processes, safety upgrades, and utility system evaluation & design. Ryan has experience developing engineering documents, process modeling, and supporting onsite start-up and commissioning efforts. Ryan also has 4 years of laboratory research experience conducting experiments related to supercritical fluid reaction engineering, synthesis gas generation, transportation fuel synthesis, and biodiesel production.

Noah Hathcox

Noah is an Engineer II at The Process Group, LLC and has 2 years of experience in engineering design and development. With an educational background in both mechanical and civil/environmental engineering fields, Noah has been exposed to production and process design as well as environmental project development. In the civil/environmental field, this exposure led to experience with Erosion & Sedimentation Control (Level II Reviewer), Land Disturbance Permitting, Surface Mining, Sedimentation Pond Design, Stormwater Mitigation Analysis, and AutoDesk’s Civil 3D CAD Design. In process design within the food production and recycling fields, his exposure led to experience in P&ID Development, Process De-bottlenecking, Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt), and Start-Up & Commissioning.

Jason Grossardt

Jason is a Process Engineer III at The Process Group LLC with over 7 years of experience as an operations process engineer in the oil and gas industry working in Crude, Delayed Coking, Sulfur Recovery, and Amine Units during various engineering rotations. Jason also served as the site Energy Coordinator for a 360 MBPD facility for 2.5 years helping to steward operational initiatives and capital projects to improve energy efficiency. Since joining The Process Group, LLC in August 2023, Jason has been providing process engineering deliverables to various clients including Process Modelling, Process Drawings (P&ID/PFD), Hydraulic Studies, and Relief Valve Sizing Calculations.

Orest Romaniuk

Orest is a Senior Engineer II at The Process Group, LLC and is a lifetime member of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta. Orest has (35+) years of experience in plant operations, engineering design, and construction with expertise in crystallization and solid-liquid separations with dozens of relevant process approaches. Orest has experience working in mining and mineral processing, environmental impact study for sulfuric acid and rare earth element recovery, oil and gas and refining, and specialty chemicals. Orest has extensive experience with AFT Fathom and Arrow hydraulic models and is a trained HAZOP facilitator.
In addition to its core team members, The Process Group, LLC has built with relationships with individuals in the Engineering Community who bring specialized knowledge to specific projects, whether it be Code Studies or a deep history in a specific unit operation. These individuals are brought into a project on an as-needed basis, increasing the effectiveness of this core team while maintaining a reasonable value proposition for the Client during design.