This is the official website of The Process Group, LLC (TPG). A targeted firm, focused on chemical engineering and process/mechanical design, we bring skills, experience, and powerful tools to advance our clients front-end engineering and planning projects. We actively serve the following industries: (review) rare earth processing, sulfuric acid, biomass gasification, hydrogen production and use, ag-chem, refining and petrochemicals, and food and beverage.



Our mission is to help foster an economically viable energy transition through sound process engineering design.


Why choose TPG Engineers
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Hands-on Experience</span>
Hands-on Experience
We have spent time in the field commissioning and troubleshooting process units.  This gives us insights and expertise well beyond simply working from behind a desk.  When needed we will go above and beyond to ensure the intangibles of the design are considered, such as interviewing Operators and Maintenance to understand where previous iterations of the design may have fallen short.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">A True Passion for Engineering</span>
A True Passion for Engineering
We work because we love engineering and the impact we have on our industries.  We know what we do today may set the standard decades beyond the completion of the design process.  We approach this responsibility with passion and integrity, excited by new project challenges but mindful of the risks associated with every decision we make. Whether small or large, we strive to act ethically to deliver the best results and work with our Clients to make sure their needs are met.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Technical Aptitude</span>
Technical Aptitude
We understand the digital era is upon us, and has been for some time.  For process engineers, this means leveraging the AspenTech suite of softwares, AFT Fathom and Arrow, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, Excel, and other electronic tools to work more efficiently than ever before.  However, we also understand that simply being able to use the tools isn't good enough.  Firm understanding of engineering design pricipals can be the critical difference between a design that fails and one that thrives.
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About Us

The Process Group, LLC is a Missouri-based process engineering services provider. We are a collection of independent but team-oriented engineers who are passionate about our field and eager to participate in solving the challenges of our industry. We are comprised of a core group of highly competant chemical engineers supported by a wealth of experience from a network of industry subject matter experts.
Our goal is to develop relationships with each of the Clients we serve to understand their individual needs and strive to be a trusted partner in process design that our Clients feel comfortable and confident returning to time after time.